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Michael and Sara

Sara Holbrook and Michael Salinger

Award-winning author/educators with 35+ years combined experience working with English Language learners and other striving and thriving students pre-K -12  in over 60 countries. 

The Read Write Speak it! Team

Rebecca has taught literacy in the US and abroad at the secondary level since 2002 after leaving the world of publishing, where she was an editor and project manager. You can find her reading and writing on park benches around the world, usually lost in thought about how she can use what she is reading either in her lessons for her students or as a mentor text for her own narrative nonfiction writing.
Rebecca Clark
Rebecca Clark
Editor, Grammarian
Scott describes his style as Sproinky. Scott has been a fixture in the Cleveland, Ohio music and art scene for decades. He has collaborated with Sara and Michael on past projects, Including their collection of poems Dreaming Big and Small. He has a soft spot for cats.
Scott Pickering
Abby is a University of Virginia graduate and currently living and working in NYC as a Research Analyst at the Brattle Group. She is an avid reader and spends her little bit of free time running, doing yoga, and writing.
Abby Haraburda
Administrative Assistant
Katie Buckley is an EL Certified middle school teacher with over two decades of experience. She is also Sara's daughter and one of our most important sounding boards and collaborators in every lesson we develop. She is often the first to try and provide feedback generously allowing her classroom to be an incubator so we can rest assured the strategies we provide are classroom-tested.
Katie Buckley
Classroom Specialist
Resident geek, Kathy works on the technical and graphic design aspects of our website. Kathy has designed several hundred websites and newsletters and has worked in the website industry since the wee early days of 2002. Before that, she worked in the controls industry and graduated from the University of Akron with a BSEE. She enjoys poetry, art, reading and beekeeping.


We all stand on the shoulders of giants. 

Sara and Michael have been lucky enough to work with educators of every stripe through the years in over 60 countries. All have added to their experience in and out of the classroom. As they put together this new resource, they leaned heavily on the expertise of teachers, administrators, authors and parents to help craft a comprehensive curriculum supplement. It’s impossible to name each and every contributor to this product – and in trying to do so they will no doubt fall short. But they would like to make an attempt to name just some of the folks who helped make this the best resource it could be.

Faculty and Staff – Los Fresnos ISD, Los Fresnos, TX

Faculty and Staff – Eastern Middle School, Greenwich CT

Faculty and Staff – Graded International School, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Faculty and Staff – Bahrain Bayan School, Isa, Bahrain

Faculty and Staff – American International School of Chennai, India

Faculty and Staff – Nansha Preparatory College, Nansha, China

Faculty and Staff  Singapore American School

Faculty and Staff – Jakarta Intercultural School

Faculty and Staff – Shanghai American School

Faculty and Staff – Pasir Ridge Intercultural School, Borneo, Indonesia

Faculty and Staff – United Nations International School, Hanoi, Vietnam

Faculty and Staff  – International School of Lusaka, Zambia

Nancy Johnson 

Janet Allen

Stephanie Harvey & Anne Goudvis

Harvey & Elaine Daniels

Pam Muñoz Ryan

Timothy Rasinski & Melissa Cheesman Smith

Lois Bridges

Sharon Draper

Lynmara Colón